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Blizzard Contingency

This is when a having a contingency plan is necessary and when you need NLC the most!

A blizzard is when we receive more than 8-10 inches of snow, in a single storm with high winds and freezing temperatures, and our blizzard contingency is called into action!

Because we have dedicated pieces of equipment and manpower dedicated to our sites, we purposefully do not overbook to be able to service our clients in these adverse conditions with our back up equipment if necessary.

We also have back up equipment at the ready to deal with such situations, with up to three shifts of shovelers, drivers and equipment operators available if conditions require, as well as around the clock management in the office and in the field at all times for maximum coordination and monitoring of the storm.

Having multiple shifts and dedicated resources allows NLC to service a property
multiple times during such an event, to keep the site open and accessible.

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